Brave New World

Chapter 10

How does Bernard turn the tables on the Director? Can you explain what he does and what happens in a short answer.

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The Director tells Henry that Bernard must receive punishment because no one should lead the general population astray with strange behavior or notions of individuality. With all the workers present, the Director publicly reproaches Bernard for his social misconduct and tells him that he must go to Iceland where he will not be able to influence others.

Bernard laughs and introduces Linda. Linda quickly recognizes the Director, calls him by his name, Tomakin, and rushes up to give him a hug. When he pulls away out of disgust, Linda angrily screams at him for leaving her on the Reservation while pregnant with John. The Director becomes even more mortified when John walks in, falls to his knees, and calls him "father," a word filled with embarrassing meaning. All the workers begin laughing until the Director finally runs out of the room.