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Prove Caesar is sronger than Rome for world history I

Im saying that caesar disn't committed treason when he crossed the Rubicon against the Senate's order.

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Suetonius, an ancient Roman historian, had this to say:

Coming up with his troops on the banks of the Rubicon, which was the frontier of his province, he halted for a while, and revolving in his mind the importance of the step he meditated, he turned to those about him, saying: 'Still we can retreat! But once let us pass this little bridge, - and nothing is left but to fight it out with arms!'

Even as he hesitated this incident occurred. A man of strikingly noble mien and graceful aspect appeared close at hand, and played upon a pipe. To hear him not merely some shepherds, but soldiers too came flocking from their posts, and amongst them some trumpeters. He snatched a trumpet from one of them and ran to the river with it; then sounding the "Advance!" with a piercing blast he crossed to the other side. At this Caesar cried out, 'Let us go where the omens of the Gods and the crimes of our enemies summon us! THE DIE IS NOW CAST!'

You're wrong, Caesar did commit treason, both he and his army were in direct conflict with Roman tradtion. The Senate was there for a purpose; they made decisons for the good of the country for a reason; Caesar disobeyed oders. Period. I think that what you're alluding to here is the information found in the except above...... Suetonius argued against Caesar having committed treason, and alleged that the charge was made by another one of his men, and thus, Caesar had no choice except to go in with the fray. But that doesn't matter.....

The Senate ordered the army to disband; they ordered Caesar and all of his men to submit to the authority of Rome and they didn't. Caesar's ultimate march into the city and his renaming new members to the Senate were a victory; they usurped the sitting government and physically took control; this was a victory for Caesar, but it was treson too.....