Brave New World


Explain waht the Social Predestination room, Bokanovsky's proecss and the concept of freemartins are.

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Social Predestination Room-  A process of human birth. This room contains,  "eighty-eight cubic metres of card index...containing all the relevant information." Basically one's genetic information is coded here which determines the social status of each person conceived.


The Bokanovsky's Process - The Bokanovasky Process is the method of engineering sperms and eggs in a laboratory  to create identical ("perfect") human beings for their respective tasks.  State wants everyone in society to be as similar as possible within the context of their caste. They want conformity to be accepted and promoted within each caste. This social conformity enables the State to maintain power through the status-quo, "Ninety-six identical twins working ninety-six identical machines!"

Freemartins- These are females who are going to be born sterile.  They, the state, only needs a certain number of females who can reproduce.