Brave New World

Bernard Marx - chapter 4-6 (1-6)

Bernard Marx.

How does he fit in with his environment?        

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Bernard doesn't fit in, that's what sets him apart from the rest of the characters. He has feelings and emotions, and he doesn't hide them. This leaves him open to the scrutiny of his co-workers and allows the reader to indentify with him. We like Bernard, he's human, but he just doesn't fit in with everyone else. In Chapter Five, he is unable to participate in the soma induced ritual dance. The others lack individuality and embrace the "group." For Bernard, this isn't possible.

In Chapter Six, Lenina cannot accept his attention, his willingness or desire to get to know the woman. He wants to talk, to have an intellectual conversation..... Lenina wants to watch television and have sex. Bernard wants to afford her respect, but she doesn't know what respect is..... she has no feelings, only reactions.


Brave New World