Brave New World

Analyze John’s confession of love to Lenina. What does it reveal about the way he views her? Is there anything ironic about the language he uses to describe his feelings? How does she respond to him?


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John, with images from Shakespeare in his head, tells her that he feels unworthy of her and begs her to make him worthy of her. John’s constant discussion of his feelings and quoting of Shakespeare confuses Lenina, and she only understands him after he tells her that he loves her. John is looking for an emotional and binding love, whereas, Lenina believes in love as a physical act. 

Lenina responds by stripping off her clothes and trying to kiss him, a natural reaction given her cultural upbringing. John, however, reacts first with shock and then with rage. He screams, "Whore, impudent strumpet," and he flings her away. While John tries to slap her, Lenina runs into the bathroom and shuts the door. She begs him to return her clothes and belongings.