Brave New World

Accurate predictions

Considering the book was published in the 1930's, it it uncanny that Huxley so accurately predicvted the world we live in today.

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I guess I would prefer the reservation. At least there seems to be some taste of individual freedom, whereas in the sterile civilization there is no posibility for individuality.

Do you think Huxley came up with the idea for his novel on his own, or was he inspired by other novels? If so, by which?

If we look at modern dystopias, like for example the new movie 'The Island', we can see elements and ideas taken from Huxleys brave new world ... e.g. the hatchery and also the whole way, the clons have to live there. Seeing the movie, I was reminded at 'Brave New World' immidiately; but was it really Huxley, who come up with the raw material for so many following Distopian novels/movies?

quite so

Quite so...yes, i agree