Bluest Eye

Who dies in order to give Pecola blue eyes?

please use quotations and write in 4 to 5 lines

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After a long series of failures in his studies and migration, Elihue has settled in Lorrain and become the local fortune teller/sorcerer. He has also acquired the nickname Soaphead Church. He rents from an old woman with a nasty, aging dog named Bob. Elihue hates the animal and longs to poison it, but he convinces himself that he wishes to poison it for the animal's own sake. He doesn't poison the dog because he's terrified of personal contact with the animal.

Pecola, already showing signs of pregnancy, comes to him and asks for blue eyes. Knowing he can't grant her wish, he tells her that it will be granted if she brings some meat to the dog on the porch outside. If the animal eats the meat and behaves strangely, her wish will be granted. Pecola, not knowing that the meat is poisoned, brings it to the dog. The dog devours the meat and dies almost immediately, and Pecola flees in terror. Soaphead Church proceeds to write a letter to God, in which he blames God for making the world badly. He blames God for the suffering and waste in the world, particularly in his own life, and then he congratulates himself for having granted Pecola's wish‹his magic, he believes, will work, although only Pecola will be able to see the blue eyes that she has been given.