Bluest Eye

In the next to last chapter, Pecola has a conversation with an imaginary friend. Name two things they talk about.

please use quotations and answer in 4 to 5 lines

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This friend is a second personality, manufactured by Pecola in her madness. Pecola and her double admire Pecola's new blue eyes. Pecola frets about whether her eyes are the bluest of all, and her friend assures her that they are. They talk about Cholly, who, we learn, violated her twice before he ran off. We also learn that after the first time, Pecola told Mrs. Breedlove about the rape and was not believed. The second time it happened, Pecola didn't bother to try and tell anyone. Pecola also wonders why no one can see Pecola's new friend, and why no one has commented on Pecola's new eyes. The two of them decide that the reason for the latter phenomenon is jealousy.