Bluest Eye

Hey sight and eyes in general...

Hey sight and eyes in the story, the bluest eye are two things that are constantly brought up. I have an essay to write tomarrow and we need to provide textual evidence for my theme(or the basis of my theme): Eyes are essential to live and sight is essential to society a lot like the way Pecola finds blue eyes essential...

As you can see... this is a very weak theme... I'm open to any suggestions and any quotes that would help me out thanks

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It's not sight - she wants blue eyes because that is a trait common to white people (or biracial), and white and light-skinned people are the focal point of beauty for the characters in the book.

In a 3 page essay, consider the concept/theme of beauty as it relates to the work that we have done thus far in The Bluest Eye. Some questions to consider:

1.Define beauty as the American ideal and as it relates to . Has the ideal changed from 1940 to now?

2.Consider the representation of beauty as seen in the collages and how it is different from what you had written in your definition of beauty. How do images affect Pecola? What images affect Pecola? Are images beauty?

3.Why does Pecola say that she wants blue eyes? What is it that she really wants? And what is it that she needs to attain it?

4.How does beauty fit into Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how does it explain that Pecola cannot get what she wants.