Bluest Eye

explain Soaphead Church’s letter to God.

i dont understand what soaphead is talking abou in his letter to god and the signifigance of the letter

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Soaphead is asked by Pecola to grant her blue eyes. He tells her he will if she brings meat to the dog; the meat is poisoned and it kills the dog. When she leaves, Soaphead writes and angry letter, in which he is blaming God for making the world so bad. Both in his life and Pecola's, there are unfairnesses, and he believes that God is to blame for those. His letter lambasts God for this. The final thing the letter does is give himself (Soaphead) credit for granting Pecola's wish for blue eyes (even though she is the only one who will see the change.) Overall, it is a cry of anger and pain for the injustice in the world, written by a pretty crazy fellow.