Blossoms of the Savannah

Blossom of the Savannah is a text that insights into the challenges facing African women.

Please give me the examples and illustrations from the text

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Gender Inequality is a broad theme indeed, but it encompasses the smaller, more specific theme of female circumcision. From the beginning of the book it is apparent that Nasila is a place where women are not independent and are not encouraged to think for themselves. They are the possessions of their parents, chiefly of their fathers. and as such can be bartered or traded to whomsoever their parents please. Resian does not want to be circumcised, married to someone she neither knows nor loves, or forced to have sex with a man she is not committed emotionally too; however, her father intends that she will comply with all three, and attempts to force her to do so despite the fact that he knows this will cause her extreme suffering.

Resian and Taiyo's mother seems anxious to save her daughters from this fate but not so anxious that she is prepared to go against her husband's wishes to demand that their rights be preserved. She is a dutiful wife. This is seen as something extremely desirable, and extremely necessary, in Nasila where the sole purpose of a woman is to be a wife and and a mother to the required heirs. There is absolutely no equality between the genders in Nasila and villages like it, nor is there any effort made to achieve any.