Why does the first ward stop getting food?

In the book Blindness

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Four days later, the men from the ward of hoodlums stop by the first ward to see how the women are faring. The doctor's wife decides she has had enough. That night, she takes the scissors that she hung on the wall and creeps to the ward of hoodlums where they are having their orgy. She finds the man with the gun and stabs him in the neck, slitting his throat and saving the girl that he was in the process of raping. General confusion erupts, the women try to escape and the blind accountant finds the first man's gun, electing himself leader of the ward. Once the men realize that another person has the gun they also begin to panic and let the women go. The doctor's wife tells the blind accountant that every time one of his men leaves the ward he will be stabbed; her ward will collect the food from now on.

This turns out to not be an issue, though, since the food deliveries stop.