Bless Me, Ultima

Why does Antonio's dream at the end of chapter 11 bring him peace?

I read the dream but i still don't know why it brought him peace?

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The dream brought him peace because it clearly shows him the two distinct cultures that exist in his life (Christianity and the Golden Carp), and it allows him to see that in a sense the two can live side by side. He worries about his belief in God, and in turn his belief in Jesus............ as opposed to the Golden Carp's prophecy the "no one" can be saved. These are completely different beliefs; one has hope and the other very little. Ultima has never told him what to believe but does tell him that he will make up his own mind one day. She also appears at the end of the dream and that brings him peace............ she doesn't push her beliefs at him and concedes that he carries a bit of each inside of him.


Bless Me, Ultima/ Chapter 11