Bless Me, Ultima

What has changed after the murder of Narciso?

Do we feel the novel building to a climax at this point? How might these conflicts and disappointments be resolved in the end? This is from chapters 17-20 of Bless Me, Ultima.

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In Chapter Twenty, Antonio is growing up, and he begins to realize that growth and development are often accompanied by sadness and regret. When he tries to race the Vitamin Kid over the bridge but the Vitamin Kid is no longer interested, Antonio recognizes that something has been lost; he and friends are leaving their childhoods behind. Antonio must come to grips with the fact that change is always a factor in life, even when it brings sadness with it. Antonio’s dream about his three brothers highlights this realization as Antonio accepts that his brothers must be wanderers. The fact that Antonio is the source of some of their pain also demonstrates his gradual acceptance that he has lost his innocence and is capable of committing sins against others.