Bless Me, Ultima

In chapter 18, what happens on the way to the church?

Chapter 18

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On the day before Easter, Antonio is preparing to make his first confession. His mother has bought him a new suit for the occasion, and Antonio quickly runs down to the church with Samuel to wait for his turn. While he is waiting, the other boys demand that Antonio pretends to be a priest so they can make their confessions to him. Horse confesses that he made a hole in the wall of the girl’s bathroom so that he could watch them and Bones confesses that he saw a high school couple having sex. Antonio gives both boys an equal penance. The children then force Florence to “play” the game and confess his sins. Florence refuses, declaring that he has not sinned against God, but God has sinned against him. Horrified at this blasphemy, the children demand that Antonio “sentence” Florence to death. Antonio refuses and instead forgives Florence for his sins. Angry at Antonio’s show of favoritism to an atheist, the children tear off his new jacket and beat him. When the priest calls Antonio for confession, the other children let him go, and Florence asks Antonio why he did not give him a penance. He then concludes by asserting that Antonio could never be