Bless Me, Ultima

In Bless Me Ultima. What was the significance of Antonio's Dream in Chapter 22


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In Antonio’s final dream in the novel, he sees the three individuals that he was unable to save from death and prayed for in his innocence. The figures show each of Antonio’s three faiths in life as they are desecrated and destroyed: the Catholic priest defiles the altar, the golden carp is killed, and Ultima is murdered. This destruction of Antonio’s faith represents the darkest point in his religious beliefs when he no longer has anything to believe in. Yet, the voice from Heaven insists that violence and change are linked to creation. This declaration echoes the theme of growth and personal development that is emphasized throughout the novel. When Ultima dies, Antonio is finally able to understand this link between change and violence. His time working on the Luna farm has taught him the importance of harmony in nature, and he realizes that Ultima’s death will reinstate the natural harmony of the world. He no longer fears death because he knows that it is a natural cycle of life and a change that is necessary for life to continue.