Bless Me, Ultima

Bless Me Ultima

Describe the fight of Narciso and Tehoric.

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One night, Narciso bursts into the house, warning the family that one of Tenorio’s daughters has died and that Tenorio is out for revenge. Narciso also explains that Tenorio has accused Ultima of performing witchcraft and raised a drunken mob to capture her. At that moment, the angry mob reaches the house, and Antonio’s father demands that they explain their reasons for trespassing. The mob begins to feel ashamed in front of Gabriel, but Tenorio upholds his accusation and demands that they give him Ultima.

Narciso offers a compromise, suggesting that they make Ultima undergo a test for witchcraft: if she is unable to pass through a doorway marked with a cross made out of needles, she is proven to be a witch. The mob agrees to abide by the result of this test. Suddenly Ultima’s owl swoops onto Tenorio and claws out one of his eyes. When everyone looks back at the doorway, Ultima has passed through and proven that she is not a witch. The mob breaks up but Tenorio still promises that he will kill Ultima. Before Antonio goes inside to bed, he notices that the holy cross on the door has fallen on the ground. He does not know if it fell or if someone knocked it down.