Black Boy

what does Black Boy say about America?

how does richard wright use the characters/events to make his point

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The main theme of the novel Black Boy is racism. But you have to understand that Wright is not addressing the fact that racism exists, but rather the fact that racism is so rooted in American society that it has become a part of America itself.

Wright is examing racism within the text in a variety of different aspects. He addresses racism between whites and blacks, and also between blacks and blacks. In fact, Wright boldly criticizes the black community for holding back its own. Thus, he had to make his own opportunites.

On another note, Wright also depicts the violence he sees in America, and once again he focuses on violence across the boards. If he acts out of turn at home he's beaten, within the community he is beaten; unacceptable behavior toward whites gets him a beating, as does flouting the communist party. In return, Richard himself becomes violent.

On the whole, Black Boy shows America to be a country of intolerance and violence. Not just white America but all America. He also cites that because of the racism and violence, it is difficult to accept the goodness of good people. And GOOD people do exist.


Black Boy