Black Boy

Can someone please check or correct this?

1. Richard was 4 years old when he burned his
parent's house. (Right)
2. Richrad's mum didn't care if her son kept qiuet. (Wrong)
3. Richard's brother was two years younger than him.
4. When Richard shouted because of a bird his mother came
out of Granny's room and hit him. (Wrong)
5. In the room there was nothing of interest to Richard
except the fire. (Right)
6. Richard burnt some straws of the broom because that was
kind of a game to him. (Right)
7. Richard didn't burn the curtains, which he wasn't
allowed to touch. (Wrong)
8. Richard hid himself under the house when the house
started to burn. (Right)
9. Richard was scared about the others, if they would die
in the flames. (Right)
10. Richard wanted to get his picture book out of the
flames. (NITT)
11. Richrad's mum found him under the house. (Wrong)
12. Richard was beaten so hard for burning the house that
he was ill for a long time afterwards. (Right)

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