Black Beauty

What happens at the end?

Did black Black Beauty stop being used as a workhorse?

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Skinner, having sucked out what benefit he could from the horse, sends him to a horse market. Much like the previous story of the horse market, another kind man takes a liking to Black Beauty and buys him. This time it is Farmer Thoroughgood, who buys the horse under the encouraging of his little grandson Willie and decides to nurture him back to health before selling him again. Miss Blomefield and Miss Ellen, who live in a pleasant house in the countryside take a liking to the horse despite the scars on his legs from his old injury. Their groom also approves of the horse, and so they buy him from Thoroughgood. When the groom then begins to clean Beauty, he notices a few of the horse’s white marks on his otherwise black coat and he says to himself that this horse looks an awful lot like old Black Beauty. As he continues, the marks become unmistakable and he exclaims in joy that this must be Black Beauty and that he himself is Joe Green, Beauty’s old and dear friend from Birtwick.