Why did lord krishna drove the chariot of Arjuna?

Krishna is a God. why did he drove the chariot? he would have leave the matter to arjuna himself. why should krishna help pandavas and not kauravas?

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The Bhagavad Gita tells the story of how it is necessary to invoke and trust in Divine Guidance, so we may gain Peace and Enlightenment. This battle is an individual one, which everyone has to fight alone, although we are never really alone because we have divine guidance. His decision to drive the chariot was one of devotion and love for his best friend. Krishna's driving of the chariot is also symbolic; he symbolizes our own personal charioteer, the one who will assist us in every battle we're forced to fight.

Source(s): Bhagavad Gita

The actual reason is that Lord Krishna knew that Arjun was on the right path of religion .The other reason is that Lord Krishna promised to Kaurav's that he would not raise weapon ,so he found it most suitable to drive the chariot of Arjun .Also the reason was that Lord Krishna knew that Arjuna would at some point hesitate in killing their own brothers.




only Krishna and His words are true rest of the thing Neither true nor False

dont concentre on other things Follow his teachings but no the story behind it