Was it moral for Krishna taking side in the kurukhetra war?

Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that "I am equally present in all being. Nobody is hateful to me nor anyone is dear to me." If it is so, then why Krishna took side in the kurukhetra war? He not only took side, but also took active part in the war by inspiring Arjuna to kill the oppositions and by deceiving the oppositions in order to enable Arjuna to defeat his enemies. Please anyone having perfect answer reply.

Goutam Dutta

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As far as I know , which is not much about this selection, The Gods were morally and emotionally involved with mortals, other gods, battles, and matters of love. Like the ancient Greek Gods, Hindu Gods took sides, had disagreements and generally displayed the the emotional traits of mortals. I think Krisna's statement might be misleading. I'm certainly not an expert on this selection though.