my qustion is about bhagvat geeta, what does krishna says to do for a common man in sankhya yoga in bhagvat geeta?

at starting of bhagvat geeta krishna says to perform sankhya yoga ,how yo perform it ?

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I really don't know how the yoga is performed, and I don't believe there are instructions in the text. Krishna, as the divine voice of yoga, dharma, and karma. In this text, Krishna's focus is to convince Arjuna not only to fight, but to fight with the will to win -- to restore good, to restore balance, to fulfill his duty as a warrior. In the process of convincing him, Krishna will lay out essentially a philosophy for living, and the basic tenets of Hinduism. Practicing yoga is one of these tenets.

Krishna says there are two paths to achieve wisdom -- jnana yoga, which involves renouncing the material world and pursuing contemplation away from family, job, etc.; and karma yoga, which involves finding wisdom through action in the material world. The goal of all karma yoga or yajna is liberation and spiritual wisdom.