has the bhagavad gita ever been updated from its spiritual sources?

spiritual literature such as the bible or Qu'ran are sometimes displaced over time by a later discourse delivered to another person or persons.

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You know, I don't think it was altered or updated. Some astrologers have calculated the Bhagavad Gita traditionally being revealed circa 3000 BCE based purely on Sri Krishna's horoscope.Like the Bible, parts of it were included and taken out, "The entire epic went through a lengthy process of accumulation and redaction during roughly the 5th century BCE to the 5th century CE." Unlike the Bible I don't think that there are different versions of it or significant alterations to the ancient text.


No, it has not been answered.

The Vedas which are the holiest Hindu scriptures have been transmitted for over 5000 years without being written down. They were transmitted only by sound i.e.. by memorization and teaching someone else. This oral tradition of teaching still exists in India. Every verse in the Vedas has a particular code built into it, a particular way of singing, and many built in checks which ensure that even after 5000 years not a single word or sound has been changed.

The same exists for the Bhagavad Gita and it has never been altered. It cannot be altered since it is from God himself and was not imagined and written down by someone else.

There are Vedic schools in India even today where you enter at the age of 5 or 6 and you come out knowing the entire Vedas and scriptures by heart by the age of 20 or so.

One of the ways of memorizing a text is like this :

Assume you are trying to learning "Mary had a little lamb", you would say

1. Mary.... Mary had... Mary had a.... Mary had a little ... and so on.

2. Next : Mary had... had a ... a little ... little lamb..

3. Next : Mary had a ... had a little .... a little lamb... little lamb which....

4. Next : Do the above exercises backwards.

This ensured that a student of the scriptures would know any verse perfectly.

dear friend,bhagwadgita means knowledge of ultimate andyog by the ultimate.views are reviewed.thoughts and hypothesise are updated.but the knoledge of SELF delivered by ultimate can never be updated by spritual can be narrated by manu to ikshawakues and repeatedly a ikshawaku to another is also stated in gita 01/04 and 02/04.e.g.IMAM VIVASWATE YOGAM PROKTWAMAHAAMAVYYAM| VIVASWANMANVE PRAH MANUIKSHUWAKAVE ABRAVEET|| gita..01/04.


Source(s): prabhu prasad shrimadbhagwadgita