Chapter 7 on the 3 gunas

In chapter 7 Krisna says that the 3 gunas emanate from him and cause delusion in humans. Why does Krisna want to cause delusion in humans?

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This power is an 'eternal seed,' which spawns every creature, as well as all that creatures manifest. Though this unseen power is also at the center of sattva, rajas, and tamas -- the three gunas which produce negative emotions -- they are not innate to God. Rather they are human creations, which are veiled by ignorance. Underneath these three gunas lies God's true form. The truly wise see God in everything, says Krishna. They act at every moment aware of their relationship to the divine. The world is simply a form of 'maya,' or illusion, that conceals the limitless power and expanse of the divine. Those who become trapped in the illusions of the world end up suffering from either attraction or aversion -- two feelings based in desire which end up preventing a person from achieving the divine and are distractions from inner peace.