Best Book on Geeta

Vinobha on Geetapravachan is the best I think. Originally written in Marati (Indian Language) It does make sense out of Geeta. English translation may not be available. If y are interested let us discuss.

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Yeah i totally agree with you...but i think it is also available in english..this is the book one should read and and try to follow them in their life..

The best book on Gita are the ones written by Self Enlightened Masters. The one written in Marathi is from Parmahansa Sant Shankar Maharaj of Shri Kshetra Pimpalkhutta. He is still a Living incarnation in the body.

Sant Shankar Maharaj was given Darshan by Pandurang/Vitthal of Pandharpur who ordered him to write Bhagwad Gita in Marathi which anyone can u'stand by reading it. Gnaneshwar Maharaj Gita in Marathi is difficult to u'stand but the Bhagwad Gita written by ShankarBaba, all the people of Maharashtra can u'stand. He was given this blessings by Lord Vitthal of Pandharpur to write so that the original spiritual message of the Granth (its message) remains authentic & intact like that of Gnaneshwari in this modern times as well, thro' these Sants only. The name of that book is Gyanamrut Gnaneswari Prasad.

Likewise Parmahansa Tukdoji Maharaj also was given Darshan by Paundurang & ordered him to write GramGeeta.

The reason its 101% the best book on Gita is because it was ordered by the God himself & most important thing is, it is written by Self Enlightened Master himself.

Personally, any book written by the Self Enlightened Masters on any topics are the best books.

dear friend, prabhu prasad shrimadbhagwadgita in hindi seems to be a best book. it till now needs dedicated and devoted devotees to translate into english and other languages too.