What is the best title of this extract "Beowulf and his Geat warriors fight Grendel, the Nightstalker in Hrothgar’s gread mead hall."?

What do you think is the best title for the extract of "Beowulf and his Geat warriors fight Grendel, the Nightstalker in Hrothgar’s gread mead hall."?

'Grendel, the nightstalker, attacks Hrothgar's Hall'

'Brave warriors defend Hrothgar's Hall'

'Beowulf kills the nightstalker'

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I'm sorry, you must provide more detail in your questions. What "extract" are you referring to?

I thought this title "Beowulf and his Geat warriors fight Grendel, the Nightstalker in Hrothgar’s gread mead hall." is enough.

The extract is:

Came then striding in the night
the walker of darkness.
In that gabled hall
the warriors slept,
those who guarded the hall. . .
all but one.
It was well known among men
That … … …,
no one could drag
that demon to the shadows.
But Beowulf watched
in anger, waiting
the battle's outcome.
Came then from the moor
under the misty hills
Grendel stalking under
the weight of God's anger.
That wicked ravager
planned to ensnare
many of the race of men
in the high hall.
He strode under the clouds,
seeking eagerly, till he came to
the wine-hall, the treasure-hall
of men decorated in gold.
Nor was it the first time he
had sought Hrothgar's home.
But never in his life before
--or since--
did he find worse luck!
Came then to the building
that creature bereft of joys.
When he touched it with his hands
the door gave way at once
though its bands were forged
in fire. Intending evil,
enraged, he swung the door wide,
stood at the building's mouth.
Quickly the foe moved
across the well-made floor,

in an angry mood--a horrible light,
like fire, in his eyes.
He saw the many warriors in the building,
that band of kinsmen asleep
together, and his spirit laughed:
that monster expected
to rip life from the body of each
one before morning came.
He expected a plentiful meal.
(It was his fate
that he eat no more
of the race of men
after that night. . .)
The mighty one, Beowulf, watched,
waiting to see how that wicked one
would go about starting.
Nor did the wretch delay,
but set about seizing
a sleeping warrior unawares
and bit into his bone locks,
drinking the streams of blood,
then swallowing huge morsels
of flesh. Quickly he ate that man,
even to his hands and feet.
Forward Grendel came,
stepping nearer. Then
he reached for Beowulf.
Beowulf grasped his arm
and sat up. The criminal
knew he had not met
in this middle-earth
another with such a grip.
Grendel's spirit was afraid
and his heart eager
to get away, to flee
to his hiding place, flee
to the devils he kept
for company. Never had he met
a man such as this.
The din rose louder, the Danes stood
in dreadful terror--everyone
heard lamentation, a terrifying
song, through the wall:
Grendel, Hell's friend, .....

God's enemy, sang in defeat,
bewailing his wound.
That man, mightiest
of warriors alive, held fast.
He would not
for any reason
allow his murderous visitor
to escape alive,
to keep the days of his life.
Beowulf's warriors brandished
many a sword, inheritances
from the ancient days,
trying to protect their chief,
but that did no good: they
could not have known, those
brave warriors as they fought,
striking from all sides, seeking
to take Grendel's soul, that
no battle sword could harm him--
he had enchantment against
the edges of weapons.
The end of Grendel's life was
miserable, and he would travel
far into the hands of fiends.
Grendel, the foe of God, who had
long troubled the spirits of men
with his crimes, found that
his body could not stand against
the hand grip of that warrior.
Each was hateful to the other
alive. The horrible monster endured
a wound: the bone-locks
of his shoulder gave way,
and his sinews sprang out.
The glory of battle went to
Beowulf, and Grendel,
mortally wounded,
sought his sad home
under the fen slope.
He knew surely

What do you think about the best titile of these lines ! is it :

'Grendel, the nightstalker, attacks Hrothgar's Hall'

'Brave warriors defend Hrothgar's Hall'

'Beowulf kills the nightstalker'


My personal favorite of the listed titles is, 'Beowulf Kills the Nightstalker'.

I suggest that too, because Beowulf is the protagonist.

Thanks Mrs. Jill,

Have a nice day.