What are the Danes doing day after day?

reading the text translated by Burton Raffel. Answer should come from sections 1-3.

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The Danes are singing of their pleasures and happiness.

            As day after day the music rang 
            Loud in that hall, the harp’s rejoicing 
5         Call and the poet’s clear songs, sung 
            Of the ancient beginnings of us all, recalling 
            The Almighty making the earth, shaping 
            These beautiful plains marked off by oceans, 
            Then proudly setting the sun and moon 
10         To glow across the land and light it; 
            The corners of the earth were made lovely with trees 
            And leaves, made quick with life, with each 
            Of the nations who now move on its face. And then 
            As now warriors sang of their pleasure: 


Beowulf/ Burton Raffel