Specifically what did Grendel's mother do when she realized that Beowulf was in her lair?

What Grendel's mom do

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Grendel's mother senses Beowulf in her lair. She catches him, but his chain mail protects him.

From the text:

"Quickly the one who haunted those waters, Beowulf is captured who had scavenged and gone her gluttonous rounds for a hundred seasons, sensed a human observing her outlandish lair from above. So she lunged and clutched and managed to catch him in her brutal grip; but his body, for all that, remained unscathed: the mesh of the chain-mail saved him on the outside. Her savage talons failed to rip the web of his warshirt. Then once she touched bottom, that wolfish swimmer carried the ring-mailed prince to her court

so that for all his courage he could never use the weapons he carried; and a bewildering horde came at him from the depths, droves of sea-beasts who attacked with tusks and tore at his chain-mail in a ghastly onslaught."