Seen the new film?

Has anyone seen the new film?

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I have seen the movie, but i have to say that the story by text is better. The movie is to just get the story out there and they did add more scenes that it didn't need.

Yes. I saw it.

As a high school English teacher I wasn't impressed with the movie and felt it went way off the plot line. It's okay as an off shoot, but it leaves out and adds too many things in order to stay true to the original.

Yes! I agree! I am a Homebound teacher for one of our school systems, and I have one student who is presently reading it. He said that he had seen the movie, but I did tell him that I have seen the movie as well, and that it would certainly not suffice as a basis for discussion, assignments, and tests.

As an English teacher, I found the film to be a rather unique adaptation of the text. I appreciated the screenwriters remarks in the "extras" portion on the DVD. They actually explain their choices and those choices make sense. I am using it in my Honors British Literature class as the impetus for a compare/contrast literary critique assignment.

This movie is a disgrace. They deliberately added scenes of gratuitous sexual innuendo that was not necessary. Adding a movie to play the part of Grendle's mother - Angela Jolie? Are you kidding me? Making both the King and Beowulf into lying cowards who were willing to lie to their countrymen to enjoy sex with the monster? Totally changed the plot and made it into something else altogether.