read the passage then, complete the question.

I remember the time when, tasting the mead-cup,
We promised in the hall the lord of us all
Who gave us these ring-treasures, that this battle-equipment,
Swords and helmets, we’d certainly quite him,
Should need of such aid ever befall him:
How we have forfeited our liegelord’s confidence!
In the war-band he chose us for this journey spontaneously,
Stirred us to glory and gave me these jewels,
Since he held and esteemed us trust-worthy spearmen,
Hardy helm-bearers, though this hero-achievement
Our lord intended alone to accomplish,
Ward of his people, for most of achievements,
Doings audacious, he did among earth-folk.
Our lord is in sore need of us.
The day is now come when the ruler of earthmen
Needeth the vigor of valiant heroes:
Let us wend us towards him, the war-prince to succor,
While the heat yet rageth, horrible fire-fight.”
Through the bale-smoke he stalked then,
Went under helmet to the help of his chieftain,
Briefly discoursing: “Beowulf dear,
Perform thou all fully, as thou formerly saidst,
In thy youthful years, that while yet thou livedst
Thou wouldst let thine honor not ever be lessened.
Thy life thou shalt save, mighty in actions,
Atheling undaunted, with all of thy vigor;
The monster advances on them.
I’ll give thee assistance.”

In his speech to his companions, wiglaf (encourages them not to give up hope, assures them that Beowulf can fight the dragon alone, urges them to remember their duty, rebukes them for questioning beowulfs ability.). Throughout this passage, wiglaf is presented as ( a model of loyalty, a flatterer, an equal to Beowulf, a hypocrite.)

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Wiglaf is presented as a model of loyalty.