In what way does Wiglaf resemble the younger Beowulf? What qualities make him a worthy successor to Beowulf?

“The Monster’s Lair,” “The Battle with Grendel’s Mother,” and “The Last Battle”

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Wiglaf didn't turn tail and run like the rest of the elite soldiers. Wiglaf was willing to die by Beowulf's side. He has the same grit and tenacity as Beowulf. He is also a natural leader. The other warriors fear and respect him. Just before Beowulf died he took off his golden collar and gave it to Wiglaf, calling him "the last of the Waegmundings," the last member of his clan. Wiglaf tries to perform Viking C.P.R. on him but, of course, it doesn't work. Nobody else really stepped up to the plate like Wiglaf so I nominate him to star in Beowulf 2 the sequel.