In section The Fight with Grendel...Beowulf boast about what?

Beowuld boast what? in the Fight with Grendel

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Beowulf boasts that he is more than able to cope with Grendel, and that he will fight him not with weapons made by man, but rather nothing more than the weapons of nature. Beowulf says that God will decide the battle.

“I hold me no meaner in matters of prowess,

In warlike achievements, than Grendel does himself;

Hence I seek not with sword-edge to sooth him to slumber,

Of life to bereave him, though well I am able.

We will fight with nature’s weapons only.

No battle-skill has he, that blows he should strike me,

To shatter my shield, though sure he is mighty

In strife and destruction; but struggling by night we

Shall do without edges, dare he to look for

Weaponless warfare, and wise-mooded Father

The glory apportion, God ever-holy,

God may decide who shall conquer

On which hand soever to him seemeth proper.”