How does Beowulf's response to the dragon's revenge reflect Beowulf's character?

Recount earlier similar behaviors to support your statement.

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Beowulf is very spiritual. He always feels that man only survives because of the protection of God. We saw this before he fought Grendel.

Beowulf responds by going to fight the dragon alone. This is reminiscent of his fight with Grendel.

"Yet the prince of the rings was too proud Beowulf s pride and to line up with a large army prmeess sustain him against the sky-plague."

"I would rather not use a weapon if I knew another way to grapple with the dragon and make good my boastas I did against Grendel in days gone by."

You are correct Jill but I thought this question was a follow-up to the last one involving Beowulf thinking the Gods were punishing him.