How are Beowulf and his men first received in Denmark?

beowulf and his men looked as

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They are greeted by a watchman who demands to know their business. Beowulf and his men are dressed in armour and carrying weapons. The watchman says that he has never seen anyone arrive in this manner. After hearing their purpose, the watchman deems Beowulf a hero.

At first the men do not know who they are and are suspicious. Once they reach the shore, they depart the ship with their armor and weapons clinking. A coast watchman stops their progress, demanding to know who these warriors are and if they are friend or foe. It isn't until introductions are made that Hrothgar welcomes Beowulf as the son of Ecgtheow, the man whom Hrothgar had helped in settling a feud with the Wylfingas long ago. THen there is much celebration.