how is heroism displayed in this book in any characters

i have to write a paper using the common topic of definition to define a hero, examining sepcific characters and character traits from the three books Beowulf, Canterbury Tales (General Prologue and the Knight's Tale) and Sir Gawain.

please answer the question only for this book

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Beowulf displays many characteristics of the perfect hero. As a young man, he is strong, courageous, well-mannered, loyal, and courteous. Later in life, Beowulf continues to uphold the ideal by fighting for his people, ruling with wisdom, and acting for the good of the people rather than himself. At the story's end, Beowulf dies heroically by sacrificing himself in his fight with the dragon, although there are those who do not agree with this assessment. Many feel that Beowulf's final act was rash and filled with pride, that rather than looking out for the good of the people, he left them to fend for themselves without leadership and protection after his death.