explain how chapter 30 demonstrates the beliefs and values that the danes and the geats hold

for example - beaowulf gives his last requests to hrothgar and hrothgar must honor those requests because beowulf did a favor for hrothgar in ridding herot hall of grendal. this shows how honoring and repaying favors was important to the danes and the geats.

- the poem states that holy god decided the victory, crediting beowulfs defeat of grendals mother to god. this demonstrates the geats and the danes belief that controls destiny.

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I hope I have this right but my chapter 30 explains about the treasure and the dragon who guards it for 300 years. Then the thief stumbles in finds the treasure and brings back the goblet. The dragon is really pissed off and attacks. I don't see your question in this.

question is the first sentence which says :explain how chapter 30 demonstrates the beliefs and values that the danes and the geats hold

and ya thats true chapter 30 is with treasures lol

You are right about the loyalty an honour stuff. That's how things were done, at least in Beowulf's time. And yes, God and destiny factored into things. We must understand however that anything great that happened was always attributed to the grace of the Gods. Anything bad that happened was an attack on the Geats and the Gods. It looks like the Gods always sided with the Geats!

ya but i dont get wat there beliefs and values were of geats and danes

I only know a bit about the Geats in the context of the poem. Much of their belief system was a mix of pagan a old testament tradition. So, for example, Grendel and his mother are described as descendants of the Biblical Cain. But then there are all kinds of strange Pagan rituals and superstitions that surround it. I hope this was at least a little helpful to you.