describe He other's Mead Hall

Describe Hrothgar's Mead Hall

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From the Text:

"Heorot was the name

he had settled on it, whose utterance was law.

80 Nor did he renege, but doled out rings

and torques at the table. The hall towered,

its gables wide and high and awaiting

a barbarous burning."


"And standing on the hearth..."


"the plight you suffer

in this legendary hall, how it lies deserted,

empty and useless once the evening light

hides itself under heaven's dome."


"An attendant stood by

with a decorated pitcher, pouring bright

helpings of mead."


Starting with Line 990, the hall is refurbished.

"Gold thread shone

in the wall-hangings, woven scenes

that attracted and held the eye's attention."

"Only the roof remained unscathed

1000 by the time the guilt-fouled fiend turned tail

in despair of his life..."

"Hrothgar and Hrothulf, were in high spirits

in the raftered hall."