Beowulf questions...(Lines 87-253)

What are Hrothgar’s reactions to Beowulf as he meets him for the first time?

Armor is extremely important in medieval literature. Why do you think this is?

What does armor say about the warrior? How does this help to define the epic hero?

How are Beowulf’s ethics and morals displayed in these verses?How are the characteristics of an epic hero displayed in these verses? (look at what Beowulf says about himself)

How is Beowulf a bit egotistical in these verses?How does the mood of the work change in these verses?

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1. Once at Hrothgar's throne, Beowulf introduces himself as a hero who can crush water sprites, among other things. Therefore he is equipped to defeat Grendel, if Wyrd (or Fate) will have it so. Hrothgar welcomes Beowulf as the son of Ecgtheow, the man whom Hrothgar had helped in settling a feud with the Wylfingas long ago.

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