Beowulf Discussion Questions

Take a look at the opening description of the banqueting hall, Heorot (ll. 65-85), and pay attention to subsequent descriptions. What kind of a place is it, and why is it important?

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Hrothgar is inspired by the Shaper's song of the glorious stronghold meadhall. The hall would be a beacon of light that would, “shine to the ends of the ragged world,” Hrothgar would build it high on a hill. The hall would be a symbol of the eternal justice of Danes. Hrothgar wants the hall to be the holder and dispenser of great treasures. He wants it to be known far and wide.The hall doesn't collapse during battle because it is built so well, fortified with stone....The collapse of the hall would have symbolized weakness. The subtext would be that these supervikings coveted their hall and made it a warm place of celebration and cheer.