Beowolf Questions

(pg 131-151)

1. Who is Hygd?

2. Describe Queen Modthryth. Why do you think her story is mentioned? What purpose does it serve?

3. Who is Freawaru? Why is she marrying Ingeld?

4. What does Beowolf do with the treasures he recived from Hrothgar?

5. What does Hygelac give Beowolf?

6. A lot of time passes in these pages-how much? What changes? Who is now king?

7. What distrubs the dragon from his sleep?


1. Beowolf explores what area and wit whom?

2. Explain Beowlf's childhood.

3. What happens to Hrethel and his children?

4. How des Hrethel's dilemma relate to the concept of the Heroic Ideal?

5. Paraphase Beowolf's formal boast (169-171).

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Hygd is the daughter of Hæreth and wife of Hygelac.

Please ask your questions separately.