What Stamp Paid hears outside of 124 Bluestone differ from what is taking place inside the house?


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Meanwhile, Stamp Paid finally knocks on the door. No one answers, and Stamp looks through the window to see Denver and Beloved. Not recognizing Beloved, he is uneasy. The supernatural voices around the house are still loud. He goes to see Ella, who speaks with disapproval about Sethe. She voices doubt that Sethe was even Halle's wife, and suggests that the white girl who supposedly helped Sethe to make it to the North must have been a ghost. Stamp is angry to learn the Paul D is sleeping in the church basement, and that no one in the black community has offered him a place to stay. No black man should have to ask for help, according to Stamp. He sets Ella straight, telling her that Paul D knew Sethe and Halle years ago. Ella suggests that the girl he saw through the window is the ghost of the dead baby.


Stamp Paid hears many voices talking at once as he walks towards 124 and although he cannot "describe or cipher it to save his life," he could only make out the one word: mine. When he peeks through the window he only sees Beloved and Denver. Stamp Paid heard many voices, but only saw two people suggesting that something suernatural could be taking place.