It was not a story to pass on, how ca we explain this statement?

not a story to pass on

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The novel's last chapter is mesmerizing; Morrison turns to poetry to trap us in this world of rhyming phrases through the voice of one so distant that it's almost dream like. She focuses on the way in which Beloved has naturally been forgotten.......... it very much reminded me of the day I woke up and realized I couldn't hear my father's voice anymore.......... it was devastating.

She continuously uses the explanation, β€œIt was not a story to pass on,” of Beloved's story, and you know in your heart that what she means is the exact opposite. We can choose to push away the memories that hurt us, or we can sit up and remember why. Things never disappear; they just fade away........... always waiting to jump up and bite you at the most surprising moments. It's a difficult book to read, but in order to understand the present it's important to understand the past. Morrison gives us this lesson for a reason, we should embrace it for what it is and make sure it never happens again.


Source(s): Beloved