Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

How is four eyes situation different from luo and the narrator

the book is called Balzac and the little Chinese seamstress chapter 6 pgs 45 through 55

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Four-Eyes is a city youth who is being re-educated in a village near that of Luo and the narrator. While he is alone, the narrator meets the woman, who is being carried up the mountain on a wooden chair. He talks with her to learn that she is Four-Eyes’s mother. She boasts proudly of her son's ability to collect the folk songs, and the narrator compliments her collection of books. Though she initially agrees, she quickly recants any knowledge of the books. Suspicious, she asks his name, and the narrator instinctively identifies himself as Lao. Four-Eyes's mother asks about Lao's father (who is in detention) and tells him that Four-Eyes speaks highly of him (Lao) in his letters, though the boy considers Luo's friend (the narrator) to be sneaky. She adds that Four-Eyes wrote of how the narrator attacked her son, but was defeated. The narrator swallows his pride, and allows her to believe the fib.