how does atonement show strong female characters?

how does cecelia show her strong charecter when she stands up for robbie and when he goes away and how does briony show her strong charecter when she returns for her atonement?

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Cecelia shows strong character when she stands up for Robbie because that proclamation forces her to leave the life she's known and move on by herself. He character shows honesty, perseverance, and innate independence.

Briony shows strength when she returns for her atonement because it shows that she is more frightened of living with her conscience than she is of facing her past. Many people won't go there..... they never admit their errors or take responsibilty for the things they've done. Briony puts herself on the line by admitting that it was her actions and purposeful lies that were responsible for the incarceration of an innocent man and her sister's banishment from the life she'd known.