Briony slashing the nettles?

Does anyone know why she is slashing the nettles? why is she so angry? why doesnt she like her cousin lola? and what do the nettles symbolise? can anyone link this to the go between X

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I think slashing of the nettles explores Briony's need to control, having her acting in an almost godlike fashion towards the characters that she assigns to the nettles as she cuts them down. It links to her need to be a writer, not just in order to express herself, but as a form of control. Within her story, as the older Briony suggests later in the novel, she is a god, and I think it is this godlike power that she is asserting over the nettles in this particular scene.

The slashing of the nettles in the first section could also connect with the character of "Nettle" in the second war section. This alludes to annoyance- both for Briony and Robbie after things had not gone according to plan. Both of these "nettles" stand in their way yet also slightly fade into the background.

Briony is slashing at nettles so as to make way for her new older self. She wants to let go of her childhood and aims to change the genre of her writing. She slashes at the nettles to vent out her anger on her cousins for wrecking her play. While she slashes at the nettles, she longs to be significant once more.

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