Atlas Shrugged

How many times did Atlas Shrug ? And where in the novel did Atlas Shrug?

I believe this might have been answered previously,but I cannot find the Q & A


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I really don't think the title works like that. Check this out,

In this book, Atlas serves as a metaphor for all the smart, creative "doers" in the world: the industrialists, the artists, the engineers, the professors, etc. Just like Atlas, these are the people responsible for supporting the entire world. In Rand's opinion, they are all mistreated and are opposed by bad government policies. So they all go on strike and basically "shrug" off the weight of the world. The shrug part is important here. This strike of heroic individuals is a nonviolent one. That's why the book isn't called "Atlas Threw Off the World."

It's also worth noting that shrug is in the past tense in the title. The novel itself is narrated in the past tense and the action covers a span of many years. This all contributes to the legend-like quality of the book's plot, and the reference to Atlas, a mythological figure, also contributes to the novel's epic scope.


Actually, the novel's German translation *is* titled "Atlas Throws off the World" ("Atlas Wirft die Welt ab")