As You Like It

Who are Rosalind and Celia? Describe their relationship.

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Rosalind and Celia are cousins, both members of the royalty. Though they have similar backgrounds and upbringings, Rosalind is much more adventurous and unconventional than Celia is. They are very close - so close that Celia sides with her cousin and defies her father to be with Rosalind. Celia is neither as smart nor as witty as Rosalind, but she is kind and loyal and willing to go along with Rosalind's scheme to sneak out of court and join Duke Senior in the Forest of Arden, where he holds court since he has been banished by his brother, Celia's father.

Celia would like to be as brave as Rosalind, and she does make an attempt, but she is not as well-suited to the outdoor life of a shepherdess as she thought she would be. She discovers her own kind of bravery in the process of following in Rosalind's footsteps, but still lets her cousin take the lead.

In the end, she marries Oliver, the brother of Rosalind's love Orlando, and Shakespeare ends the play leaving the audience with the sense that the two young women will remain close friends.