As You Like It

what does it means when rosalind says to phebe 'that see no more in you than without candle may go dark to bed'

act iii scene v

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Rosalind speaking as Ganymede says this to Phoebe. Silvius is begging Phoebe to show him some mercy and say that she loves him. She scorns his love and tells him she does not pity him for the pain he feels while loving her. Rosalind emerges from where she was watching their exchange and tells Phoebe that she is rather plain looking. Rosalind points out Phoebe is not that pretty and that her beauty would not light up a dark room, she would need to go to bed with a candle or night light.

is she of dark complextion or fair?

Phebe is an ugly shepherdess with coarse palms and rustic manners. Being a European, she has to be fair, but her features are dull. Rosalind treats her with contempt to arouse empathy in her for Silvius who is her dedicated lover.

Does this suffice your query Kirti?