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The postmaster by Ravindran nath tagore: complexity of relationship between Ratan and postmaster

The postmaster by Ravindran nath tagore

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I think that they are both lonely. On this simple level it is a touching story. Both Ratan and the Postmaster have nobody in their lives. Both share moments to gather that fill their heart. The Postmaster teaches Ratan to read and Rattan fills his bath and other odd jobs. They tell each other recollections of their past. In an ideal world we might have the Postmaster adopting Rattan but the world is less than ideal. For reasons that we can only speculate Ratan can't take the child with him yet their remains a connection between both. It is a connection of longing more than anything else. Really it is a connection between a lonely old man and a lonely orphaned girl; two people who need each other bur can't be together.